Hastings School Wins City-Wide Fundraising Competition

St. Vital school raised $1370 to help homeless, wins Fresh IE, Sean Quigley concert

Winnipeg, Manitoba (May 24, 2012) – After one month of intense fundraising, Hastings School has won a city-wide competition to raise funds for Winnipeg’s less fortunate who rely on the services of Siloam Mission.

Raising more than $1370 for the downtown homeless shelter, Hasting’s social justice committee — made up of 11 students in grades 7 and 8 — beat out other Winnipeg schools to become the host of Siloam Mission’s first-ever Youth For Change Day on Friday, June 1st, 2012.

The day includes an in-school concert by local rapper Fresh IE and YouTube sensation Sean Quigley. As well, Danny’s Whole Hog & BBQ is providing lunch for 30 people.

The event is designed to help students engage their heads, hearts and hands to become advocates for positive change in Winnipeg’s inner city.

“Helping students become compassionate and caring people is the most important thing we can do. Our job is to create good citizens of our city, our country and our world,” says Jennifer Rempel, a teacher at Hastings School who helped organize the fundraisers.

“This fundraiser helped students understand what’s happening in their community, and it’s a meaningful activity they will remember.”

Over the course of four weeks, students sold pizza and freezies at lunch, held a “make your own cupcake” day and collected loose change in each classroom.

Students in grade 8 could also “adopt a brick” in one of the school’s hallways to leave a legacy by painting their name on it in exchange for a small fee.

“These kids are simply amazing. It goes to show that if young people set their minds to something, they can achieve it. Just imagine the good these students are going to do in our city from here on out,” says Floyd Perras, executive director of Siloam Mission.

“We need more like them.”

Overall, seven different schools raised $5,418 for the Youth For Change competition. Gray Academy came in second place by raising $873, and Greenway School finished third with an $860 donation.

This school year alone, 52 different schools raised $17,369 for Siloam Mission, and 60 schools toured the downtown shelter.

Siloam Mission plans to host the Youth For Change Day competition every year to help young people become part of the solution to poverty and homelessness in Winnipeg.


For more information, please contact:

Mike Duerksen
Communications Coordinator
Cell: 204.228.6429

Jennifer Rempel
Student Services Teacher
Phone: 204.253.1371