Under the Radar

Under the Radar youth summer camp.

Bringing Homelessness Into View

Often the issues surrounding poverty and homelessness, and the people struggling with these issues, go unnoticed. For most of us, for much of the time, it’s just not on our radar. Under the Radar is designed to change the way you view domestic poverty and to help you understand that there is something you can do to make a difference. It is our hope that you will become more aware of the hurt in our city and that this will motivate you to make change happen. We want to bring homelessness to the forefront by encouraging participants to learn more about related topics and by allowing them to serve in the places, and with the people, who are often under the radar of our society.

Youth Summer Camp

An inner-city experience designed with church youth groups in mind, our Under the Radar Summer Camp is designed to allow students aged 14 to 18 to confront their thoughts about poverty and homelessness while serving their neighbours. Let’s put homelessness on the radar!

If you’re a youth leader looking for a fun and educational opportunity for your students, we have just the thing! It’s all planned out for you including service opportunities, educational sessions, meals, entertainment, and accommodations. You can sign up for this exciting 4 day/3 night camp anytime during June, July or August. The program can be modified to fit any schedule or time-frame.

Check out the Under The Radar Website.


To register, find out more about Under The Radar, or book a speaker to come talk to your youth group, please contact our Director of Volunteer Services, Lindsay Smith at lindsay.smith@siloam.ca or phone 204.956.4344.