Getting a haircut may seem routine to many of us, but for those experiencing homelessness, it’s often a luxury when they’re trying to meet basic needs like food, shelter, and clothing.

At Siloam Mission, our community hair salon offers more than just a trim. It’s a place of compassion, made entirely possible by our gracious volunteer hair heroes – hairstylists from Chatters Hair Salon and Aveda Institute. 

Angie Hunt has been volunteering at Siloam Mission for over six years. Not only does she donate her time and expertise, but she also recruits fellow stylists and supplies the salon with essential products.

For community members like Dorothy, the salon isn’t just about a haircut. During her visits, she found comfort in conversation with Angie, sharing her journey of homelessness, housing struggles, and the joy of reconnecting with her family.

“It makes me feel pampered, clean, and dignified,” said Dorothy, reflecting on her experience.

When Dorothy lost her apartment and had nowhere else to turn, Siloam became a lifeline. It provided her with meals, a warm bed, clothing, and hygiene support. With the help of housing-focused caseworkers and employment opportunities through the MOST team at Siloam, Dorothy began to rebuild her life. She found a bond with Angie.

Through the compassion of volunteers like Angie, community members like Dorothy find more than just a haircut—they find hope. Dorothy’s story is a powerful reminder of the transformative impact of small acts of kindness. With Siloam Mission’s support, Dorothy found stability, employment, and, most importantly, renewed confidence.

Angie fondly recalled the day Dorothy shared her exciting news at the salon. It was Angie’s last appointment of the day. “She was smiling ear to ear, and I could tell she wanted to tell me something,” said Angie. Dorothy had found an apartment and secured a full-time job offer with benefits.

“She was over the moon. This warmed my heart because I knew in just the short time together, she had her confidence to walk into that job. It’s not just a haircut; it’s self-expression in feeling the validation to take up the space you deserved that’s been presented in front of you,” said Angie.

Dorothy’s story is just one example of resilience and renewal made possible by the generosity of our donors and volunteers. 

If you’re a hairstylist interested in making a difference, we invite you to join our team of volunteers at Siloam Mission. You can contact Volunteer Services at to learn more.