Mattresses needed as more people move out of shelter

It’s a wonderful problem to have: with more people moving out of Siloam Mission’s emergency shelter, we need more beds for their new homes!

Thanks to additional shelter funding from the Manitoba government as well as a shift in focus toward housing across many of our program areas, Siloam is seeing significantly more people moving into places of their own. 

Lindsay Enns, manager of the case work team at Siloam Mission, says when someone moves from homelessness into a place of their own, they are often arriving with nothing more than the contents of a backpack – a change of clothes, a few toiletry items, and maybe a few important documents.

“Working with a caseworker, they are able to draw from donations of housewares and linens at Siloam to begin to set up their home,” Lindsay says. “One of the key pieces of that is having a bed!”

When her team is able to provide a bed, it really makes the difference between it being just a place to sleep, and a home.

“We often hear from a participant that they sleep for hours and hours when they first move in,” Lindsay says. “They find safety, comfort, and security all wrapped up in a comfortable place to sleep, and they spend the first few weeks recharging and healing their bodies by getting the sleep they need. It is only after that they start to be able to plan what comes next in their recovery journey!”

It all starts with a good night’s sleep. 

If you or someone you know has a bed to donate, please contact Sydney at, or call 204-956-4344.