Debra is a well-known volunteer who has been with Siloam for over 15 years. She holds the record for most volunteer hours, many more of which are unaccounted for, at 6544 hours.

Deb is an extremely dedicated, compassionate, and hard-working volunteer. She has been diligently working to ensure Siloam’s clothing department is organized, reviews the clothing that has been sorted to ensure it is dignifying for our community members before it is placed in our free store, she builds relationships with tailors and mending shops as she brings much needed clothing items to be repaired instead of throwing them out such as jackets or jeans.

She speaks highly of Siloam Mission and is always advocating to her friends and family about
our organisation and the community. She has been a true staple in our clothing program and
has built strong relationships with the staff, community members and fellow volunteers.

She will be featured in the upcoming volunteer newsletter for May and June as she has put in
her last day of volunteering. We will be celebrating her time here with us and thanking her for
her dedication to our community before she moves. We appreciate her greatly, and I know we will feel the impact of her absence.

It is volunteers like Deb who have a volunteer journey with us at Siloam over the years that bring hope our community. Thank you for your compassion ❤