It is National Volunteer Week 2020, and although we can’t be together right now, we still want to celebrate the commitment and contributions of Siloam’s volunteers. To all of our volunteers, THANK YOU.

Volunteers contribute greatly to Siloam’s mission. Last year, between our registered volunteers and community members, 93,939 hours of volunteering were contributed. With over 6,000 volunteer shifts, this is equivalent to 45 full time staff.

For National Volunteer Week 2020, we spoke with a few of our regular volunteers to ask them about their volunteering experience at Siloam Mission. Here’s a little bit about what they had to say…

We spoke with Donna, a Community Outreach Volunteer with Siloam for over two years, and asked her what advice she would give to other volunteers. Donna said, “Just come in, smile, and do your best! Also, be prepared to listen. Most people just need to be listened to. If someone needs more than to be heard they will let you know.” Great advice, Donna.

Brendan has been volunteering with Siloam for almost fifteen years. He volunteers at special events held by our Development team, has helped out on field trips with Transition Services, gives Siloam tours for Volunteer Services, and can be found giving a hand in the Drop-In Centre. When asked what he has enjoyed seeing over his volunteer time he said, “I love seeing families who volunteer, grow, and continue to volunteer year after year.  When that happens, you know those kids will have their own children who will volunteer and keep the tradition going.” A wonderful perspective, Brendan.

Lastly, we spoke with Jonelle who has been volunteering in our Drop-In Center and at the Madison for six years. We asked Jonelle what her favorite volunteer moment at Siloam has been and she replied, “I don’t have a favorite. I just learn so much. It is almost selfishly what keeps me coming here more than any sense I have that I am helping others. I get to continue to learn and hear stories of resilience, and see beauty in people that others don’t see. I get to learn about myself. I have all sorts of insecurities, challenges and fears. I get to learn through facing those fears and uncomfortable moments. This is such a rich teacher, this experience.” Volunteering can truly be a two way avenue for learning. Thanks, Jonelle.

Siloam Mission relies on our volunteers for the delivery of all of our programs and services. It was with a heavy heart that we had to suspend most of our volunteer positions, with exception to the Primary Care Providers who volunteer in the Saul Sair Health Centre. Due to Covid-19, this decision was made to benefit the health and safety of our volunteers and community members. Without our volunteers, staff are wearing many different hats and stepping in to fulfill other roles.

Siloam’s smiling volunteers are missed greatly by the staff and community. Their positive attitudes, unique perspectives, and strong work ethic add so much value to the organization. We look forward to when we can invite our regular volunteers back, as well as begin accepting new volunteer applications.

On behalf of everyone at Siloam Mission, thank you again to all of our volunteers.

Cheers to our volunteers – We miss you.