Legacy giving, sometimes called planned giving, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a gift that is planned for and added to someone’s will. There are several reasons that someone might consider leaving a charitable gift in their will. 

Here’s Jo’s story.  

Jo always used to drive past Siloam regularly and didn’t think anything of it. But one day a co-worker put together a group to go and volunteer. Jo decided to go and see why so many people were always around the building at the edge of the Exchange. 

The group started with a tour, where Jo and his coworkers learned exactly how many programs and services are offered in the building. From the meals his group helped prepare in the kitchen, to clothing and hygiene supplies, and the fully equipped Saul Sair Health Centre, Jo knew this experience had changed him. 

That evening Jo went home and thought about his grandparents’ stories, growing up stretching every dollar and sometimes still going hungry. Jo decided to help in whatever way he could. 

Jo has taken every opportunity to make an impact and help those experiencing homelessness. He buys extra essentials when they’re on sale, and organizes clothing drives at work. Jo also volunteers when he has some spare time. 

Now at a point where he’s thinking about future plans, Jo is considering leaving a gift to Siloam in his will. 

There are a few bits of information that will help him make his decision.

  • Jo can make sure the gift will be used how he wishes. All he has to do is create some stipulations in his will detailing how they would like the funds to be used. For example, Jo spends a lot of time sorting clothing and knows that some items are always needed. He can direct the money towards purchasing socks, underwear or footwear.
  • He can choose a specific dollar amount or a percentage, so Jo doesn’t have to worry about determining a dollar amount right now. 
  • And of course, a gift can have tax benefits. Meaning Jo’s family will end up paying fewer taxes on the estate.  

With this information, Jo knows his gift can make a difference and give others a gift of hope.  


Making a lasting impact doesn’t have to be complicated. And if you’d like to support Siloam Mission with a Legacy Gift you can find the information HERE.