Social Enterprise Laundry

Siloam Mission is launching Winnipeg’s first social enterprise laundry that will employ the city’s vulnerable — but we need YOUR help to purchase the commercial washers and dryers!


The Winnipeg Foundation has committed a $200,000 grant to renovate and build out the space on Logan Avenue where the laundry business will operate, but now Siloam Mission needs to raise $56,000 to purchase the industrial washers and dryers.

The price is only guaranteed until August 29th, which is why we are now asking the public to help raise the much needed funds to keep this crucial project on track.

“Many people experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg are doing the hard work of overcoming significant challenges, including trauma and addictions,” says Jim Bell, CEO of Siloam Mission.

“But when a person wants to get into the workforce and earn an income for themselves, they can struggle to find a job because they lack the experience or training. That’s a big problem for someone trying to move forward in life.”

The commercial laundry will give participants of Siloam Mission’s employment-training program a chance to add solid workplace experience to their resume. It will also give them a quality reference for when they look for outside employment.

As a business, the laundry will start by taking over the washing needs for the hundreds of bed sheets, blankets and pillowcases used every night in our Hannah’s Place Emergency Shelter. Once the business is established and meeting all of our internal laundry needs, it will sell commercial laundry services to other nonprofits and businesses in Winnipeg.

“Having a job is crucial for someone who has been homeless to gain their confidence back, to feel like they have a purpose, and earn an income for themselves,” says Bell.

“So right now we’re asking for the help of generous Manitobans who want to give work to men and women eager to rebuild their life and move forward.”

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