Today is an exciting day for Siloam Mission. We get to announce that we have been accredited under Imagine Canada’s Standards

Imagine Canada‘s Standards are designed to elevate organizational excellence and transparency within charities and nonprofits. The goal is to foster resilience and bolster public confidence in both individual organizations and the sector as a whole. The accreditation process involves meeting 73 rigorous standards spanning financial management and accountability, fundraising, board governance, human resources, and volunteer involvement.

“Siloam Mission offers Christ’s compassionate love to all those in need of support healing and recovery. We do this by connecting our caring community to those at greatest risk. Siloam is blessed to have thousands of volunteers, donors and partner organizations, including governments from Winnipeg and surrounding areas who build into our Mission and the lives of our Community members every day,” says Garth Manness, Siloam Mission’s Board Chair. “This highly valued accreditation from Imagine Canada gives objective evidence and comfort to all of our stakeholders that we steward our resources well, are governed effectively, have strong policies that ensure strong financial management, fundraising and development, progressive human resource practices, strong risk management and effective risk mitigation. To meet the needs of our community members we must give evidence that we are an effectively run organization. The Imagine Canada accreditation helps provide that evidence.”

To gain this accreditation, our policies and procedures in five areas were evaluated by a group of volunteers from the sector. And to maintain the accreditation, we are required to go through the same process every five years.

Complemented by our existing accreditation with the Canadian Centre for Christian Charities, meeting Imagine Canada’s Standards will further demonstrate our commitment to operating in a manner that aligns with our Mission, Vision, and Values