Many of the community members who arrive at Siloam Mission are from rural or First nation communities. They come to Winnipeg in search or work, human connections, health care resources and of course, housing. We believe that addressing rural housing issues has a direct impact on the number of people in Winnipeg experiencing poverty and homelessness.

That’s why Siloam Mission strongly supports the Canadian Rural & Remote Housing & Homelessness Symposium. This is an online conference that focusses on SOLUTIONS to the rural housing shortage, and features rural Mayors, Reeves, and community based activists who will share their success stories and offer advice on how to replicate those solutions in other parts of the country.

The Symposium takes place between June 6-8, 2023 and is hosted by The Rural Development Network, based out of Edmonton, and the Rural Ontario Institute, located in Guelph Ontario. Both organizations have experience offering solutions to many of the challenges that small cities, towns and rural First Nations communities face.

The impressive lineup of keynote speakers includes, KATIE RABBIT-YOUNG PINE, an inspiring changemaker and self-identified Blackfoot Woman, an independent business owner and Vice Chair and Lead Innovator for Changing Horses NFP Society. And, MARGARET FORBES & JULIE MCKERCHER, creators of Wellness Together Canada (WTC), an online portal providing barrier-free, 24/7 access to mental health and substance use supports designed to support well-being in rural and remote communities.

Many of the online sessions over the three days will highlight rural success stories that are making a big difference in the lives of both rural and urban residents. You can learn about such successful programs as:

• The Rural Youth Reaching Home Initiative;
• The Meadows to Mountains Homelessness Prevention Project, and;
• Roots and Routes of Homelessness in Rural Manitoba.

Siloam Mission applauds the Rural Development Network and the Rural Ontario Institute for organizing this important event. We strongly support the efforts of community organizations across Canada who are dedicated to offering and implementing successful anti-poverty and anti-homelessness programs. In doing so, we consider them active partners in helping us reduce the number of people who end up on the streets of Winnipeg.

For more information on this important web conference, please click here.

Siloam Mission has posted this story for the information and education of our supporters, staff and volunteers. Highlighting important stories that offer solutions to help tackle the challenges of ending chronic homelessness is an important part of our core mission.