Frank’s Story

“I like to volunteer here now. I can give back to the place that helped me when I needed it the most.” - Frank

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Mary’s Story

“I couldn’t afford a place to sleep and food and school at the same time. I was deathly afraid of becoming homeless, but if I wanted to finish school, I had no other choice. The people here were so kind and nice...they really cared about me.” - Mary

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Harry’s Story

“I used to have a bad reputation. I got into fights all the time. But now that I’m sober, I’m cleaning up my life. And I’m trying to be the dad my daughters need me to be.” - Harry

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Shannon’s Story

“When I wear my vest and go out to clean the streets, people don’t see me as homeless or addicted. They see me as a worker. And that makes me feel good.” - Shannon

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Dexter’s Story

“Life can be disappointing, and a heartache. But it always helps to keep a smile on your face.” - Dexter

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Jackie’s Story

“I started using drugs to forget my past. I needed to make the pain go away. But it only made things worse. I lost my job and my apartment. When I came here, I started to heal.” - Jackie

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Disclaimer: To protect the privacy and trust of those in our community, we do not publish their photos or names on our website. Photos in this section are stock photos, and names have been changed.


May 2024

Creating an Impact

Legacy giving, sometimes called planned giving, is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a gift that is planned for and added to someone’s will. There are several reasons that someone might consider leaving a charitable gift in their will.  Here’s Jo’s story.   Jo always used to drive past Siloam regularly and didn’t think anything of […]

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Featured News

June 2024

Announcement: Drop In Updates

  In order to improve Siloam’s services, the Drop In will be getting renovated starting July 2 for about 5 weeks. These changes will improve the plumbing, ventilation, and flooring, and greatly reduce Drop In closures. During this time, there will be access to limited services at 300 Princess Street, just around the corner, in […]

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