Caitlin’s Story

Because of you, Caitlin is healthy and safe. When she...

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Caitlin’s Story

Because of you, Caitlin is healthy and safe.

When she was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19, doctors told her she would need a lot of supports her entire life.

“I still went out and tried it on my own,” she says. “I tried it on my own, and it didn’t work out.”

After neglecting to take her medication for weeks, Caitlin slipped into a world of hallucinations.

“I started listening to the voices in my head, and I got really sick,” she recalls.

When her mental health problems escalated, Caitlin was put in the Selkirk Mental Health Centre for five years.

I spent much of my twenties institutionalized

Today, at 44, she’s come a long way.

“I have a lot of friends, I feel safe and I haven’t had hallucinations in years,” she says sitting in her own room at The Madison.

This place keeps me healthy. This is my family.
I’m proud of my relationships.

The best part?

I have all the supports I need, but I also have my independence.
I have my own door and key.


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