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“I always knew there was something wrong. I had nobody left to turn to and I felt like I would be stuck forever. My caseworkers at Siloam Mission changed my life. They got me the help I needed and encouraged me to put in the work to get better.” —Andrew

Andrew has struggled with mental health issues his entire life. He always sensed there was something wrong, but – as most of us do when we are struggling – he just did his best to cope.


He was never able to keep a job for more than a year – even part-time menial work that paid just enough to get by – all due to Andrew’s crippling anxiety disorder. He had no friends, and his family – unable to support him through his struggles – had distanced themselves for years.


When Andrew lost his third job within a year, he slipped into a deep depression, made worse with no support system. He was no longer able to work. With no income, savings or support, he found himself living on the streets – and soon, at the doors of Siloam Mission.


He kept to himself for many weeks staying in the shelter and drop-in, never interacting with others; he was just grateful to have a safe place to sleep and food to eat. But there was more support available for Andrew – and eventually, he found it.


As he became more comfortable, he developed trust with staff who recommended he meet with Transition Services.  It was clear to everyone that Andrew was smart, capable, and wanted a better life again – he had just given up and become scared.


A year later, after seeing his caseworker regularly at Siloam Mission, as well as a counsellor and a doctor to help him find the right medication to manage his anxiety, Andrew has a full-time job. He has an apartment of his own again. And he spends time between his busy schedule giving back to the community that supported him by volunteering at Siloam Mission.


Disclaimer: Every story told in this annual report is real. But to respect the privacy of those in our community, some of the names, photos and personal details have been changed.

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