Evelyn’s Story

Because of you, Evelyn has her own personal studio. Approach...

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Evelyn’s Story

Because of you, Evelyn has her own personal studio.

Approach her room on the third floor of The Madison and you will see a sign hanging on the door. “Portrait Artist,” it reads.

Ask nicely, and Evelyn will give you a tour of the place, including her desk populated with pencil drawings of friends or people she’s seen in magazines.

“I love to do portraits because I love people. I feel compassion when I draw,” she says with a meek smile.

“Drawing relaxes me.
I have schizophrenia, and it haunts me now and then.
Drawing helps me express how I feel.”

Evelyn lost her previous apartment at a residential care home after it became infested with bedbugs.

“I had nowhere else to go. I was so scared,” she recalls. But now, Evelyn has found a safe place where she has the supports she needs to help cope with her mental health problems.

And she feels like she’s getting better every day.

“I feel comfortable and settled in. I feel loved here, and I want to love other people and make them happy,”

 To protect the privacy and trust of those in our community, we do not publish their photos or names on our website. Photos in this section are stock photos, and names have been changed.

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