Franklin’s Story

Because of you, Franklin is going to school again. He...

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Franklin’s Story

Because of you, Franklin is going to school again.

He wasn’t always homeless. Having worked in factories and warehouses for most of his life, Franklin isn’t afraid to work. His wages were always enough to put a roof over his head and food on the table.

But when Franklin lost his long-term job in 2005, he hit a wall.

“I couldn’t find a job.
Everybody told me I had no education
and they couldn’t hire me because of that,”
the 42-year-old says.

After missing too many rent payments, Franklin ended up on the streets and fell into a deep depression.

“I started roaming the streets and losing hope. My self esteem was so low, especially around the holidays,” he says.

One day, while at Siloam Mission, Franklin heard about The Madison. Eager to improve his situation, he applied. Months later, he moved into his very own room.

This place has given me peace of mind and a chance to break my depression.
Without Siloam Mission I would probably be living under a bridge. Or dead.

Today, Franklin goes to school every day to finish his grade 12 education. After graduating, he hopes to become a carpenter.

“I want to use my hands to help others. I want to build houses.”

As far as the future goes, Franklin is realistic.

“As long as you have the will to go on, life is going to test you,” he says. “But I have ambitions now and feel good about myself.”


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