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Your support is changing lives. See these stories of thanks from Winnipeg’s inner city.

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Story of Thanks

When I first started here my heart was breaking – I didn’t know what to expect to see it every day. We have community members who are as young as 18 coming in these doors, coming out of high school, wanting to go to university, coming right out of child welfare system and they’ve lived in 20 different foster homes. We have many, many stories and a lot of them to would say they didn’t expect to be here – it could be anybody. Our doors open at 6:30 with a hundred people waiting – our three staff supporting that. The people coming on our impacted by all kinds of issues – they have a lot of pain inside. It doesn’t matter how long they’ve been here during the day, our staff are by the door smiling – welcoming as they enter. We offer our services at the drop-in to them, they are eat and enjoy our services – whatever we can offer them. Our community members are very important to us – we hold them to our hearts when they come in the doors.

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