Stories of Hope

Your support is changing lives. See these stories of hope from Winnipeg’s inner city.

Walk With Us

This video will change your perception of those experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg. It’s a brutal experience – mentally and physically – and the treatment they receive in the community isn’t always favourable. Read more

Artist- Michael Turner

– We invite you to join Michael Turner this Friday from 5-9:00 pm at Tara Davis Studio (246 McDermot Ave). We encourage you all to go,see and support!!. Thank you, hope to Read more

Irene’s Story

“It’s just a wonderful feeling, coming to work and you’re happy.” For some, work is a daily grind, a task that is necessary to put food on the table, a roof overhead. Read more

Gerald’s Story

Because of you, Gerald will celebrate Thanksgiving with other people this year. “I’m happy that I’m here,” he says on his second day at The Madison. “I didn’t know where I was Read more

Lauren’s Story

Because of you, Lauren dreams of working with animals some day. “I want to become a vet technician because I love animals,” she says over a pizza dinner at The Madison. “I Read more

Rose’s Story

Because of you, Rose is painting her nails again and wearing bright clothes. “I used to only wear black before I came here,” she says while touching up her turquoise nails on Read more

Steve’s Story

Because of you, Steve is planning a party. “I’m saving up some money, and the moment I have enough I am buying a lot of coffee and donuts” he says enthusiastically. “And Read more

Kevin’s Story

Because of you, Kevin has a family again. And he’s aging with dignity. At 73, Kevin’s done a lot of living – and a lot of working. “I was born in Pelican Read more

Samantha’s Story

Because of you, Samantha is healthy and safe. When she was diagnosed with schizophrenia at age 19, doctors told her she would need a lot of supports her entire life. “I still Read more

James’ Story

Because of you, James dreams of finding a job again. He wasn’t always homeless. Growing up in Winnipeg, James kept a steady job for decades – first as a manual labour worker, Read more