Ernie Epp

“There’s a verse that we all know from the book of James: ‘Faith without works is dead.’”

Ernie Epp has been volunteering at Siloam Mission since shortly after he retired. He says this verse in James comes to mind when thinking about his time in the kitchen.

“I see a place here that is faith driven, but consummated in action.”

After his first time in the kitchen at Siloam, Ernie says it immediately felt like a good fit, and he’s been volunteering there ever since. 

“I was doing something very tangible,” says Ernie. “I was actually learning some new skills, how to chop veggies, how to peel potatoes, how to make lots and lots of sandwiches.”

On one occasion, the kitchen was down to one day of food, where normally it would have seven. Ernie says he was inspired by the faith of the kitchen staff in light of the challenge.

“Marilou (the kitchen manager), she said, ‘the Lord taught us to pray for daily bread, not for weekly bread.’ That stuck with me.”

Ernie describes volunteering at Siloam as “faith-driven, but action-packed.” 

“That’s really what has struck me in working here. There is never a dull moment, there’s always something happening. And you’re working with like-minded people, who have the same way of thinking as to why we are here at Siloam.”

For those who are fortunate enough that they can donate, Ernie says it’s wonderful to do so. But he encourages anyone with extra time to try volunteering as well.

“I believe it can be helpful mentally for people, because you’re not constantly thinking about yourself. Here you are doing something that creates enormous satisfaction. I would highly recommend it to anyone who is thinking of doing any volunteer work.”

If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering at Siloam Mission, you can find out more or apply to serve at siloam.ca/volunteer.