Today Amnesty International called for a day of Action to Search the Landfills.

We recognize that so many of our community member, staff and staff’s families are directly impacted by the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and 2 Spirit People.

We are preparing as an organization to look at how we can respond to the Calls to Justice


Today, to mark the call, the team came together to hear from families of survivors, and grieve those we’ve loved and lost from our Siloam community as the beginning of our learning.

I had the opportunity to debrief with some teammates for how today and issues like this make them feel.

I was honoured to hear their stories, and how they’re working to build a better world.

Let us make sure when we speak on this issue, we speak with kindness, we speak with the awareness that from our Board of Directors, to our volunteers, so many are effected.

How can the effect of our words and actions around this be the peaceful and loving world God would have us create.


Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud

CEO, Siloam Mission