Siloam Mission Announces Housing Strategy

700 Housing Units over 10 years – a step towards eliminating Chronic Homelessness

Winnipeg, Manitoba 28 April 2024 – Siloam Mission has announced its housing strategy, developed with continuous input from Siloam staff, the Board of Directors, and the Indigenous Advisory Council that advises Siloam.

The housing strategy announced today focuses on the housing first principle to address homelessness in Winnipeg—a model that is in place but has an inadequate housing supply to support it. It also details how Siloam is living into its organizational vision: a Winnipeg without chronic homelessness.

“We know the real solution to homelessness is housing first programs, and those programs need housing. In our city, we’re deeply understocked on social housing supply, and we are excited to begin working with partners, governments and those we serve to build the right housing to support our neighbours experiencing homelessness today, to be housed and thriving,” says CEO Tessa Blaikie Whitecloud.

“There is a clear and direct link between the loss of social housing supply and the increase in people experiencing homelessness in Winnipeg. We need to solve homelessness one unit, one person calling that unit home, at a time – this plan hopes to realize those much-needed units.”

Recently, Siloam purchased the building at 4025 Roblin Blvd., securing 32 units of affordable housing focused on seniors and long-term shelter users – a step towards a lofty goal. 

As changemakers committed to collaboration and leadership, Siloam Mission’s goal in the next 10 years is to establish 700 to 1000 new, deeply affordable housing units in Winnipeg for people currently or at risk of experiencing homelessness. This initiative will provide housing for approximately 25 percent of people experiencing homelessness today. 

 These housing projects will focus on folks within five areas Siloam has deemed as priorities: 

  • Seniors (50+)
  • Emergencies – short-term accommodation for homelessness or crisis
  • Recovery – accommodation in a stable, abstinence-focused and recovery-oriented environment for six months to two years
  • Youth aging out of care
  • Indigenous women, girls, and 2-Spirit individuals (IWG2S)

“The priorities in our housing strategy arise from who is using Siloam services, service gaps we’re experiencing when securing housing, the leadership of the Indigenous Advisory Council at Siloam Mission and our commitment to the Calls for Justice. We look forward to working with appropriate community partners to meet the needs of these populations,” says Whitecloud.

Siloam Mission is a Christian-based non-profit service organization for vulnerable Manitobans who have experienced homelessness and who struggle with mental health issues, physical and cognitive disabilities, addictions or trauma, and youth who have aged out of care and are at risk of homelessness. Founded in 1987, the mission provides emergency shelter, meals and clothing, supportive housing, supportive employment, and a variety of services to help people progress so that they reach their highest potential. Visit our website for more information about what we do and to access our housing strategy.