By Jim Bell, CEO – Siloam Mission

Cold weather means trouble for those experiencing homelessness. Given that we’re in the thick of it right now, let’s talk about winter.

Even though Siloam Mission’s year-round Clothing Room offers donated items such as coats, mitts, socks, and toques free of charge to those who need, we all know how easily those things become lost or wet, exposing delicate skin to harsh prairie weather.

I want to tell you a story about Dennis. Or rather, Dennis’ feet.

We first met Dennis when he arrived at our Drop-In Centre for a meal. A staff member noticed him walking gingerly, with an undeniable look of pain on his face.

The staff invited him into the Saul Sair Health Centre – a primary care health clinic located on-site at Siloam Mission – where medical staff found extreme frostbite on both of his feet. Health Centre staff described it as “a gory scene.”

Due to the severity of his wounds, Dennis was rushed to emergency, arriving just in time for doctors to be able to save his feet.

In the following weeks, Dennis visited our health centre for daily wound dressings, making a full – and otherwise unlikely – recovery.

We take pride in taking care of our community, but we simply don’t have the space to help everyone.

That’s why we need your help.

The Make Room In Your Heart Capital Campaign will allow us to expand our health centre, ensuring that we can help more people like Dennis receive the medical attention they need and deserve.