Drop-In & Meals

At Siloam Mission, hope begins with a meal. By first filling basic needs, we can help our guests begin to look at a better future. Once inside our doors, people have access to all of our programs and services.

Our guests begin their journey of hope and transition the moment they through our doors. Our Drop-In space is a safe and welcoming environment where people can access food and beverages, clothing and community. It is also where they have access to a telephone and a place to receive their mail, as well as our Community Outreach Program, Women’s Program, Music Program, and Sunday Afternoon movies.

The Drop-In is the starting point for people who need our love, care and support as they deal with the daily hardships associated with poverty and homelessness. From here, they can access help and support through our various departments to begin meeting mental, emotional, physical and spiritual needs.

From coffee to cribbage our Drop-in is also a community gathering space in the truest sense. Staff and volunteers work tirelessly to ensure a warm and judgement free environment; a place where guests can build relationships with other community members, volunteers, staff and donors; a place to practice safety and responsibility; a place to volunteer and give back. Many people who have come to us will tell you that it was here where they turned their lives around.

In addition, our Drop-In is a space in which staff support and facilitate crises with the support of other Siloam departments, surrounding agency partners and our City of Winnipeg emergency services.

Our mandate is to use our God given talents to provide nutritious meals to our community members, and also to create and maintain a safe and welcoming environment where people are given opportunities to build relationships and community.

The kitchen is the heart and soul of Siloam Mission. Up to 600 people use our meal services 3 times a day every day. Our kitchen staff and volunteers strive to serve nutritious and nourishing food. The philosophy of our kitchen sums it all up nicely: love people and cook them good food.