Building Futures

Building Futures provides an individualized strength based program where members of our community are supported and empowered on their journey to secure fulfilling and sustainable work.

Our vocational rehabilitation program Building Futures is designed for individuals using our services who require help finding employment. Building Futures determines current skill levels and establishes realistic goals in order to support each participant on an individual basis. Participants begin with a comprehensive assessment, and are then assisted in acquiring the pre-employment, educational and vocation skills that are specific to their employment goal. Throughout the process participants identify and build on their strengths while addressing challenges and obstacles in order to secure employment.

M.O.S.T. (Mission Off The Streets)

M.O.S.T. is a cornerstone within Building Futures. It is our temporary employment program for Siloam Mission’s community members ready to take the first steps back into the workforce. The program incorporates a structured work experience with beautifying public spaces in Winnipeg’s downtown core. This provides participants with opportunities to build confidence, develop employment skills, gain a sense of purpose, and earn an income, all while fulfilling a practical cleaning need in the downtown area.