“Lord, when did we see a stranger and invite him in?”
-Matthew 25:38

Hannah’s Place is a homeless shelter dedicated to providing a safe, considerate and responsible temporary refuge for community members experiencing homelessness.

Shelter is a basic human need and by offering it we give people dignity, self-respect and the potential for personal growth.

Our Emergency Shelter is named after Hannah Taylor who started the Ladybug Foundation. The Foundation came into existence after Hannah witnessed a man eating out of a garbage can when she was just 5 years old.

Thanks to her fundraising efforts, 110 beds were added to our shelter and they are usually filled every night of the year. Along with a bed our guests have access to hygiene items, washroom facilities and even hot showers. We also have a hospital discharge room for people with no place to go.

The Buhler Centre expansion has increased our shelter capacity from 110 to 153 beds, and includes a separate and secure shelter space for women, transitional beds for people newly experiencing homelessness, and a flex area to accommodate a fluctuating population.

*Note: Due to Covid-19 and social distancing precautions, capacity in the shelter is limited to 100 beds.