Spiritual Care at Siloam Mission
Healing | Connection | Empowerment

Spiritual Care desires to be an inclusive space for healing, reconciliation and developing vibrant community relationships while honoring culture through spiritual development centered in the heart of our Creator.

We hope to achieve this through:

  • Respecting Indigenous peoples’ right to self-determination in spiritual matters, including the right to practice, develop, and teach their own spiritual and religious traditions, customs, and ceremonies, consistent with Article 12:1 of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.
  • Offering programming that encourages spiritual growth, by providing necessary quiet spaces for conversation, circles of caring individuals to encourage and access to spiritual resources in the community for people of any faith background.


Sacred Ground:
A quiet room available to community for solitary meditation, and prayer or to meet with a Spiritual Care staff.

Christian Worship Circle:
An opportunity for spiritual conversation, community gathering around a meal and experiential prayer and worship practices: A sanctuary where all are honored and given voice.

Cultural Programming:  
Our traditional Elder facilitates ceremony, feasts and cultural teachings (ex. singing circle, language groups, drumming, traditional beading).

Sharing Circles/ Support Groups:
Small gatherings designed to explore themes of recovery, health and spirituality.

Individualized Care:
Other special services we provide are hospital visits, home visits and memorials.

You can help us out by volunteering:

  • with one of our groups through discussion, music, prayer, and practical hospitality needs
  • connecting one-on-one with community in the Drop In

Please call 204.956.4344 if interested.